Sustainable Fashion

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable Fashion is an attempt to produce clothing whilst minimalizing the use of natural resources. As it currently stands, Fast Fashion and textiles are one of the largest industries to produce harmful effects on the environment. Furthermore, sustainable fashion is a movement towards a system of eco and fair fashion. For this movement to become successful, the industry must consider its 4 stages of the lifecycle; Fibre Production, Clothing Production, Use, and After Use.


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How has the fashion industry reacted:

The fashion industry has begun to accept responsibility. Examples of improved sustainability include the introduction of sustainable options in clothing lines, such as a responsible edit and through improving cycles and producing clothing from recycled materials. To add to this, many organizations are also becoming involved in intensive research producing recycled clothing, sustainable packaging, and developing eco-efficient materials for clothing

What can you do?

In addition to the fashion industry accepting responsibility for sustainability, individual efforts are also extremely beneficial. Here are four small changes you can make to reduce the effects the fashion industry is having on the planet:

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